Super Mannitol Powder – Dietary Supplement – 35 oz. (1KILO)

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Mannitol is a diuretic that helps your body to produce more urine, reduce swelling and reduce pressure inside the eye. It is an osmotic diuretic that is metabolically inert in humans. This natural substance occurs as a sugar or sugar alcohol in fruits and vegetables. It mainly elevates blood plasma osmolality, resulting in an enhanced flow of water from tissues.

Mannitol, USP, also referred to as D-mannitol, is a white crystalline powder or free-flowing granules freely soluble in water. It is sterile and a nonpyrogenic solution and contains no antimicrobial agents.

What Is Mannitol Powder?

Mannitol powder is a sugar alcohol that is commonly uséd as a sugar-substitute sweetener. It is found naturally in a variety of foods, such as strawberries, mushrooms, celery, onions, and pumpkins.

Mannitol Powder Benefits*
Mannitol powder is most commonly uséd as a sugar-substitute sweetener, but it may have some health benefits when taken as a supplement. Mannitol may support the digestive system, kidneys, and bladder.

🍭 SWEETENER – Mannitol is a sweetener that tastes like sugar, but without the calories. It’s also an effective bulking agent for supplements.
💚 DIGESTIVE SUPPORT – Mannitol has been shown to support the digestive system by helping with stomach function and it’s health.*
✔️ KIDNEY SUPPORT – Mannitol is thought to be beneficial to the kidneys because it may help support kidney function.*
✔️ BLADDER SUPPORT – Mannitol may help support the bladder and it’s function.*

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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